for a ride by train!

During your stay at Camping Le Pré Normand in Saint-Jean-de-la-Rivière, board the Cotentin Tourist Train for a surprising trip on the Côte des Isles.

Facing the Channel Islands, in a landscape of wild moors, dunes and hedgerow, along the famous beaches of Barneville-Carteret, St-Jean and St George River and Port-Bail, the Tourist Train of the Cotentin makes you discover in an unusual way all the beauty of this region.

With his old Bruhat carriages of 1930, for 10 kilometers, from Carteret to Port-Bail, the train plunges you into the reverie of past times, the very one where, formerly, it connected the capital to the beautiful shores of the Cotentin.

Take advantage of the market trains in July and August that serve Port-Lease (Tuesday) and Carteret (Thursday), trains “smart” to avoid traffic jams and parking spaces not found!

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