A nice walk

in the middle of the stars and planets

Located at the end of the northwestern tip of the Cotentin, on the Cap de la Hague, The Planetarium Ludiver takes you to understand the universe, invites you to contemplate the sky and introduces you to astronomy.

In a dome of 10 meters, sit comfortably in an armchair and watch the spectacle of the sky animated by more than 7,000 stars.

You will be overwhelmed by the beauties and mysteries of the infinitely great …

A walk

with a beach view

Along the paths of the landscaped park with a beautiful view of the sea, discover the 10 sundials and the imagination of men to control time.

The Ludiver Planetarium is also nocturnal observations with high-performance equipment, children’s workshops, activities for all and events.

Do not miss the astronomical hikes: one Saturday per month, in high season, you can participate in a pedestrian circuit of 6kms to discover the solar system and observe the stars with the naked eye.

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